Sunday, March 16, 2008

18th March 2008 - Cherrypool Highway Park - 49k South Horsham

Approximately 55k North of Cavendish, Cherrypool Rest Area is a large, well shaded rest area with toilets, limited water and located beside the Glenelg River. A lack of rain has stopped the flow of the river but ponds adjacent to the rest area support multitudes of bird life. We recommend this rest area for a day or two in the current climate but would recommend staying longer in a more favourable climate. There are good sites in cleared areas away from falling branches.

Camps Australia Wide No. 5 Site No. V – 706
Camps Australia Wide No. 6 Site No. V – 709
GPS: 37º06'29.0"S - 142º11'14.0"E
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